Documentary gives overview of Kentucky’s energy challenges

The Kentucky Energy Cabinet recently produced a full-length documentary, titled “Made In Kentucky” which provides an overview of the Commonwealth’s energy situation. The hour-long film features profiles of many of the Kentucky Chamber’s Key Investors, as well as an interview with the Chamber’s President and CEO Dave Adkisson. A description of the film is as follows:

Few people realize how many major manufacturers have operations in Kentucky, including Toyota, Corvette, Ford, Corning, North American Stainless, and Century Aluminum, to name just a few. Because of its huge industrial base, Kentucky has one of the most energy-intensive economies in the United States, an economy that has largely been sustained by the use of coal-fired electricity generation.

As concerns about climate change increase and the demand for coal is replaced by a demand for natural gas, Kentucky finds itself in a uniquely challenging position. “Made In Kentucky” discusses the difficulties that Kentucky faces and explores some of the solutions that might lead to a stronger Kentucky economy while still protecting the environment.

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