Kentucky Oil and Gas Regulatory Modernization Act continues to move in the General Assembly

There continues to be strong momentum behind much needed Kentucky oil and gas regulatory reform.   Today, the House Committee on Natural Resources and Environment unanimously passed the Senate version of the Kentucky Oil and Gas Regulatory Modernization Act (SB 186), sponsored by Senator Julian Carroll.  The companion bill (HB 386) unanimously passed the House on  February 25, 2015.

Both SB 186 and HB 386 make the first significant reforms to Kentucky’s regulation of the oil and gas industry in approximately 20 years.  During that time there has been technological in drilling practices which have led to an oil and gas boom throughout the United States.  This legislation address those technological advances by balancing the need to establish a pro-investment, pro-job creation approach with an enhanced commitment by the oil and gas industry to environmental projections in the Commonwealth and our local communities.

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