Outgoing Education Commissioner Holliday credits partnership with Chamber for many successes

Outgoing Education Commissioner Terry Holliday says the business community has played a big role in the success of education during his tenure and suggests his successor work closely with other groups to collaborate and get things done.

When it comes to the biggest hurdles in education, Holliday says there needs to be a shift in funding focus to make sure education dollars are being spent in the most effective way.

“In career education, we need to elevate career education and integrate it with academics so that people don’t see the system in Kentucky as two separate systems, it ought to be one system getting kids ready for the future,” Holliday said.

As for advice for the next education commissioner, Holliday—who is retiring in August—said building good relationships with others looking to help move education forward in the state has played a vital role during his tenure in the position.

“Build great relationships with people like the Chamber of Commerce. That partnership has been critical to our success the last six years,” Holliday said, adding the need to reach out to other education and policy leaders as well. “You can’t get much done if you don’t have good relationships and collaborations in Kentucky.”

Holliday said the business and education communities have a lot of common interests and believes the two groups should continue to work together to move the state forward.

“I think the focus on workforce development and economic development and the role that education plays in that, I think we all agree,” Holliday said. “It connects directly to early childhood all the way through career education. So cradle to career is a critical component for us to partner on.”

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