American politics from a different perspective: A preview of Business Summit keynote speaker Katty Kay

KattyKayReferring to herself as an outsider who has become an insider after living in Washington for 20 years, British journalist Katty Kay still brings a fresh take to American politics in her role as a news anchor on BBC World News America.

Before coming to speak to the Kentucky Chamber’s Business Summit and Annual Meeting in July, Kay took the time to talk with the Chamber about her take on this year’s presidential election, her experience at the Kentucky Derby, what she believes to be the number one restaurant in America which just so happens to be located in Louisville and more.

Having grown up in many Middle Eastern countries and beginning her journalism career in Zimbabwe before reporting in London and Tokyo for BBC and eventually ending up in Washington, Kay brings a unique perspective to journalism. In her current role as lead anchor for BBC World News America, Kay covers the full gamut of American and global affairs including U.S. elections, foreign affairs, global economies and more.

In the interview, Kay discussed the current state of the presidential election and what she makes of the primary election season so far.

In terms of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s popularity in Kentucky and elsewhere, Kay said the appeal of Trump is something that could have a lot to do with economic trends of the last decade.

Kay also added that the rise of candidates like Trump and democrat Bernie Sanders are not just an American phenomenon, as similar “echoes” are being seen in the U.K. with outsiders on the rise.

“The rise of populism in response to the forces of globalization I think is not surprising,” Kay said. “I think that Trump’s appeal is sort of that he is a populist, both in manner and in policy. And he has promised to make people who feel they have had a bad deal … he has promised to give them a better deal.”

On the Democratic side, when asked if the Clintons still have the same appeal they once did in Kentucky and other southern states, Kay said she believes democratic presidential candidate and former First Lady Hillary Clinton still does well in southern states and continues to reach more minority voters.

“She started off in South Carolina and did very well there and has done very well in other southern states because of that appeal to minority voters. And if Bernie Sanders had managed to … break through to both African American and Latino voting blocks then he himself perhaps would have started winning earlier,” Kay said.

Recalling her trip to the Kentucky Derby, Kay said she was at Churchill Downs for the main event the same year as Queen Elizabeth and sat only two boxes down from royalty.

Surprisingly, Kay also said her favorite restaurant in the United States is located in Louisville, Kentucky. That restaurant? Jack Fry in the Highlands.

Now in its eleventh year, the Business Summit and Annual Meeting, scheduled for July 14 and 15 at the Downtown Marriott Louisville, provides an opportunity for business leaders throughout the Commonwealth to discuss the issues related to the local, national and international economies. The Kentucky Chamber’s signature event has consistently brought renowned journalists, political analysts and speakers to the Business Summit with the intent to enhance the conversations had during the two-day think tank.

The dynamic speaker will give the keynote address at the Business Summit and Annual Meeting, presented by Bingham Greenebaum Doll, and offer her view on American politics and policy from a fresh perspective. Register for the event at

Additional speakers for the two-day Business Summit, a progressive, think tank event, will be announced in the weeks to come. Click here for more details or to register.

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