Business priorities take center stage as bills announced under new GOP leadership at state Capitol

On day one of the 2017 General Assembly session, business priorities including right-to-work, repeal of the prevailing wage, medical review panels, pension transparency measures and more were placed in the spotlight as the first bills of the session were announced Tuesday.

Bills announced Tuesday that are priorities of the Kentucky Chamber, which are filed and ready to move, include:

  • House Bill 1– a right-to-work bill sponsored by new House Speaker Jeff Hoover
  • House Bill 3– legislation seeking to repeal the prevailing wage sponsored by Speaker Hoover
  • Senate Bill 2– a pension transparency bill sponsored by Sen. Joe Bowen
  • Senate Bill 3– a bill dealing with legislator pensions transparency sponsored by Sen. Chris McDaniel
  • Senate Bill 4– medical review panel legislation sponsored by Sen. Ralph Alvarado
  • Senate Bill 6– a Senate version of a right-to-work bill filed by Senate President Robert Stivers
  • Senate Bill 12– legislation dealing with property owner protections sponsored by Sen. Ralph Alvarado
  • Senate Bill 16– a bill dealing with peer review protections sponsored by Sen. Ralph Alvarado
  • Senate Bill 78– legislation to make school campuses smoke-free sponsored by Sen. Ralph Alvarado

With the reading of these bills on Tuesday, it is likely that the bills will begin to move through the legislative process this week.

The first week of the General Assembly is normally reserved for organizational business. Under the new leadership in the House, legislation is expected to pass in this first week of session.

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