Unnecessary regulations on everything from wrestling to braiding hair being repealed, Gov. Bevin says

Government regulations placing strain on businesses and other sectors are being rolled back quickly in an effort to modernize and make the state more competitive, Gov. Matt Bevin says.

In an effort to address overly burdensome government regulations that impact the business community and others, Gov. Bevin launched his Red Tape Reduction Initiative in July, which his administration hopes will tackle the issue of excessive or unnecessary state government regulations.

The Red Tape Reduction Initiative was launched by the Bevin administration with a website which features a “Report a Regulation” form where the public can identify burdensome regulations and offer suggestions for improvement.

In his interview with The Bottom Line, Bevin said he is seeking to cut 30 percent of all the regulations in Kentucky over the next three years. Currently Kentucky’s regulations make up 130,000 rules, many of which are very much out of date, according to Bevin.

“So even if we cut 30 percent, there’s still going to be 92,000 rules. I am pretty confident that we can govern the people of Kentucky with 92,000 rules, probably a whole lot less,” Bevin joked.

So far, he said, his administration has already reviewed 28 percent of all regulations on the books in Kentucky with 50 percent of those having already been repealed or updated.

Bevin discussed some of those regulations that have already been repealed, illustrating the need for the process as many of them are outdated and holding the state back.

The governor also encouraged businesses and others to continue to submit regulations they feel need to be reviewed as Bevin said the best people to decide which government rules are no longer working are the individuals dealing with them daily.

Hear Bevin talk about where the Red Tape Reduction initiative stands now and what regulations have already been cut here:

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