Gov. Matt Bevin announces record-breaking $5.8 billion economic investment

IMG_2046As many companies announce their decision to invest in Kentucky in recent months, Gov. Matt Bevin announced Friday that the state has seen $5.8 billion in economic investment in the first months of the year, breaking previous annual records.

Bevin thanked the passage of business-friendly legislation by the General Assembly including right to work for much of the economic growth.

Speaking at the press conference, Senate President Robert Stivers also discussed the right to work law and the recent challenge of it by unions, stating that groups should not be challenging something that is clearly working and bringing jobs and growth to Kentucky. Stivers cited 2,000 jobs that have been announced in the months since Kentucky became a right to work state as a measure of that success.

As companies continue to bring jobs to the Commonwealth, Economic Development Secretary Terry Gill noted workforce development is crucial as many employers struggle to find workers with the right skills.

“For every one primary job, there are at least two secondary, spin-off jobs. So when one job is announced, you’re actually announcing three,” Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Dave Adkisson said in response to the announcement. 

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