Beshear announces return of kynect as a one-stop portal for state benefits

Gov. Andy Beshear restarted kynect on Monday to provide a one-stop portal for Kentuckians to access benefits ahead of bringing back the state-based health exchange in 2022.

The governor announced his plan to bring back the state-based health insurance exchange in June when he sent a letter of intent to the federal government for permission. Beshear says returning to the state-based exchange is expected to save the state around $15 million a year.

Before the exchange is brought back with open enrollment in 2021 and full exchange in 2022, Beshear “reconnected kynect” on Monday which he said offers expanded benefits, enhanced usability, a new mobile-friendly format and helps prepare for the full return of the health exchange.

The kynect portal offers access to the national health benefit exchange; access to enrollment through the state, including Medicaid, the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance program (KCHIP) and the Kentucky Integrated Health Insurance Premium Payment program. Qualified families can now also access SNAP food assistance benefits and family and childcare assistance programs. Additional resources include support for job training, foster care, elder care and addiction, as well as support for veterans with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, homeless Kentuckians and many more people.

“Now that kynect is back, it is easier for Kentuckians to access the benefits they need so they can afford to see a doctor and get the care they deserve,” Beshear said Monday.

According to the governor’s office, Kentuckians can use the site to track the progress of an application and see next steps after an application is completed and applicants can snap a photo of documents with a smartphone and upload it if information is requested for the application.

To promote the new kynect, the Beshear administration is planning a comprehensive statewide marketing campaign to generate awareness.

View the new kynect site here.

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