Kentucky Supreme Court ruling upholds workers’ compensation savings for businesses

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Legislation providing huge savings to Kentucky businesses on their workers’ compensation costs was upheld by the Kentucky Supreme Court.

House Bill 2, passed in 2018 by the General Assembly with bipartisan support, made significant reforms to the workers’ compensation system for the first time in over twenty years.

Since the passage of the bill, Kentucky companies have seen a 25 percent savings on their workers’ compensation costs, which will continue because of the favorable ruling by the court.

The Kentucky Chamber led a large coalition of nearly 50 businesses along with private and public agencies and associations to pass the bill in 2018. The Kentucky Chamber was joined by the Kentucky League of Cities, the Kentucky Association of Counties, the Kentucky Retail Federation, the Kentucky School Board Association, the Kentucky Professional Firefighters Association and large employers such as Toyota, Ford, and UPS to demonstrate the broad appeal of the bill.

“We appreciate the leadership of the General Assembly and bill sponsor Rep. Adam Koenig for ensuring these improvements to the workers’ compensation system became law and applaud the decision by the Supreme Court to uphold these reforms. Businesses across the state will continue to benefit from these crucial changes,” said Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Ashli Watts.

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