Kentucky Chamber Releases Full Legislative Agenda Ahead of 2023 Session

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce has released its 2023 Legislative Agenda detailing priorities for growth for the upcoming session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

The business community’s focus for the upcoming legislative session includes advocating for policies that will help position Kentucky for future growth and outcompete other states for jobs and workers.

“In order for Kentucky to reach its full economic potential, we will continue to improve our tax climate to attract more businesses and people, tackle our troubling workforce participation, and invest in key areas to ensure economic growth throughout our state,” said Kentucky Chamber Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Kate Shanks. “Policymakers have taken great strides to make Kentucky more competitive for growth, and we must continue to think toward the future and reimagine our Commonwealth.”

The Chamber’s priorities for growth during the 2023 Legislative Agenda include:

  • Continue Building a Competitive Tax Climate
  • Increase Workforce Availability
  • Ensure Sustainable Infrastructure Funding
  • Grow Kentucky’s Signature Industries
  • Foster Economic Development Across Kentucky
  • Improve Legal Liability Climate

The Chamber’s legislative agenda is developed by several policy councils comprised of member businesses with final approval given by the organization’s Board of Directors. Click here to download the full 2023 Legislative Agenda.

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