United business community defeats mandated health cost increases

The Senate Banking and Insurance Committee heard testimony on Tuesday from supporters and opponents of HB 202, a bill that would mandate a minimum reimbursement rate for chiropractors. Supporters of HB 202 want state government to set the rate according to the Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule, which is currently the highest government plan reimbursement rate. Kentucky would be the only state in the country to mandate rates for a single provider group in this manner, creating a slippery slope that could cause an onslaught of other providers demanding similar privileges.

The Kentucky Chamber and other business groups strongly opposed the bill and testified that small businesses and consumers would experience increased health care costs through higher insurance premiums and co-pays. After an extensive hearing where the proponents’ arguments were met with skepticism, Chairman Tom Buford informed the committee and audience that the bill did not have the support needed to move forward during the 2012 session and would not be called for a vote. We appreciate the committee’s full attention and consideration of this bill, and thank our numerous members who voiced their opposition to legislators. This is a tremendous win for small businesses in particular, who would have been hit with the cost of this mandated cost increase.


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