Conway wants to see passage of two major competitiveness issues

Democratic governor’s race candidate Jack Conway would like to see the state move forward with two issues pushed for by the Kentucky Chamber, local option sales tax (LIFT) and public-private partnerships.

When asked about his stance on the issue, Conway said he supports LIFT because it gives local communities the ability to complete projects important to them by letting the voters of the area vote on whether or not they want to increase their sales tax by a small amount to move forward with the idea.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with giving the voters in a local community the option to finance a project on a temporary basis if they want to. I think that is entirely reasonable,” Conway said.

Conway also noted the stance of one of his opponents on the issue. In the Kentucky Chamber’s Primary Voter Guide, Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin had expressed opposition to local option sales tax legislation. However, at a recent meeting held by Greater Louisville Inc. Bevin said he could be open to the idea as he has seen some positive results of cities having the option to build projects in other states.

The Kentucky Chamber has been supportive of LIFT and pushed for its passage in recent sessions.

On another competitiveness issue, Conway said he is also a supporter of public-private partnership (P3) legislation , which would set up a clear process for the use of P3s as an alternative method of procurement, construction or financing of projects and services by state government.

“P3s don’t work on every project, but it is an important tool to have in your toolbox in Frankfort when you are trying to get infrastructure projects done. And so, I support that legislation, I would advocate for it’s passage,” Conway said, again bringing up the position of GOP candidate Matt Bevin on that issue as well. To hear where Bevin stands, watch his interview with the Chamber here.

For more of Conway’s position on competitiveness issues including how he feels the state should move forward with the Brent Spence Bridge Project, a fight within the issue of P3, watch the interview segment below:

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